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Considering Divorce?

Join This Important Webinar To Learn About The Financial Impacts of this Life Changing Event

We will explore what the 12 greatest financial pitfalls of divorce are, and how to be proactive in order to avoid them or at least ensure that you are in the best position to conquer them.

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DON'T be another statistic...



Whether you are in the middle of a divorce or just considering that step.... THIS IS THE webinar you need to attend!

Main topics include:
  • The Importance of Documentation
  • Knowing What's Yours & What You Have the Rights to
  • Prepping Yourself and Your Belongings
  • The Importance of Putting Money Away
  • Tax Consequences
  • Why it's Not the Time to be Polite
  • The Cost of Ignorance
  • Dividing Property
  • The Cost of Emotion
Learn from an expert who HAS been in your shoes. Someone who has also helped 1,000s of women through their divorces AND who will talk to you like a friend who cares! 


Register Now:

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The Divorce Information Checklist will be emailed to you when you register TODAY! 

  • Ensure you have the items needed in order to move successfully through your divorce.
  • Be proactive in your role through your divorce. Don't let others control the process.
  • Review documents before they are requested.

It contains valuable take-aways on items you NEED to consider and be prepared with in order to get through your divorce financially secure, and prepared for the future!


Register for the webinar and receive this special BONUS offer! 

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Divorces in the US each year


The percentage that a woman's standard of living decreases after divorce


Percentage of women who initiate divorce


Percentage of Households headed by women, that live in poverty after divorce