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Part Time Business Ideas To Work Around Your Full Time Job

Posted by Emily Kil on Oct 2, 2017 10:28:00 AM

Having a full time job makes it hard to run a small business from home, but it is doable with part time hours. Even running a part time business, you will have to work around your daytime commitments. So choosing the best business ideas is an important step in getting a side income revenue stream off the ground. For those day job workers that are serious about creating a part time business from home, here are some great ideas.

Anyone can start a small business to work part time from home, it isn't that expensive to start a number of different jobs from home or around the town locally. Usually you just need a good idea, then the rest of it works out by trial and error. Taking the steps to get started is half the real battle, so don't hesitate. Put yourself out there with as many hours as you have free following your day job schedule.If you're interested in earning more money, turning a hobby into a business, and/or expanding your areas of expertise, we offer these five part time business ideas. 

Mobile DJ Entertainment

Weddings and other events are always looking for music, but who can they hire? Today it is easy to be a mobile DJ, it only takes a laptop to down load music and a portable sound system setup. Heck, some people are digital disc jockeys with an iPod and no turntables at all. Working part time as a mobile music playlist coordinator sounds so cool, still it takes a little work. Although your nights will be entertaining to say the least, if you start an independent mobile DJ entertainment business.

Independent Janitorial Service

All companies need waste management, so why not work as an independent janitor service and clean up quick. Union janitors and waste management services can be expensive, so there is a whole niche market to be exploited. If your janitorial service takes off, you could work your way into crime scene cleanup or hazardous materials removal. Any way you look at it, cleaning services are a sure way to make some fast money. Once a cleaning service gets some good word of mouth press, more business will come to you without having to work hard at all. Everyone should hire their own private janitor and it could be your small business that gets hired next. Residential and commercial sites are always looking for an affordable janitor service in their local area. If you don't mind getting a little dirty, this could be the perfect small job opportunity for you.

Private Boudoir Photography

This may sound risqué, but it really is not. Private home photography is something that can be worked part time, yet still earns some serious cash in the off hours. People need photographers to shoot virtual walkthroughs for their real estate properties, personal pet pictures, photos to document events, or someone to take party pictures. A photographer is also handy at weddings, school functions, anniversaries, and office party send offs. Running a part time private boudoir photography business is a simple way to start a small business with big picture potentials. It is sure to keep you smiling about your side job, after work.

Freelance Art Modeling

This is a great paying part time job, if you can handle being naked or semi-nude at least for the length of an art class. All types of school hire independent art models to pose for their life drawing, animation, sculpting, and other art classes each year. It is work that requires a few hours per classroom and pays pretty high hourly wages. A lot of college students work as part time art modeling exhibitionists, so that they have a job that works with their class schedule. Freelance art modeling is a great way to earn a part time income and stay with your day job. Once you get over being self conscious, you will realize that being art pays so good, because it is harder work than it looks like.

Personal Designated Driver 

Of all the part time jobs to start your own business doing, being a designated driver is one of the easiest to setup today. Companies like Uber and Lyft are always on the lookout for drivers to cover various hours throughout the day. All you need is your car, a driving account with an online service company, and most times a PayPal cash account. The rest is just waiting for the calls to come in for a personal designated driver in the area. If it sounds too good to be true, it really isn't. People are in need of designated drivers all day and night throughout the country. 

As you're exploring part time business ideas, think about your desired lifestyle, earning potential, and expanding into a full-time gig. 

Emily Kil is a professional blogger that writes about small business, family, and digital marketing. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband, son and two dogs.

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