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What My Grandpa Taught Me about Life (and business)

Posted by Shanna Tingom, AAMS® on Sep 8, 2018 6:04:00 AM

Family, patriotism, and hard work are what has made America great and it’s what my grandpa taught me about life and business.

My first memories are of the American flag flying from my grandparent’s garage in Elkhart, Iowa. Grandma and Grandpa Maxwell taught me the importance of being part of the community and helping others, what it means to live below your means, and only spend what you have. They are why I am passionate about Gilbert, Arizona and serving my clients as a financial professional.

The Fourth of July brings memories of my Grandpa “Junior” Maxwell. His love for American values and traditions ran deep. As a veteran, he’d fought for freedom and democracy, keeping his family and lots of others safe. Each Fourth of July he proudly hung the American flag from his garage. To me, the flag represents not only our country, but my Grandpa Maxwell and life in Elkhart, Iowa.

My grandparents did what they could to make ends meet. He worked as a snowplow driver as part of a road crew and she was a maid in a hospital. They built their house room by room as they could afford it. They worked hard, saved money, and never used credit. If they didn’t have the cash, they didn’t buy it.

Grandpa loved the Fourth of July parade, taking us to the small volunteer fire department to sit on the truck. And he loved helping people.

He would do anything he could to serve others, even if it meant digging out a car to pick up his granddaughter when she ran out of gas. (Yes, that was me!) He was always there for me and for his community.

Each week my grandpa would sit me down and ask, “What did you learn in school today?” and he never took, “Nothing,” for an answer. He was truly interested in what I was learning.

It’s that curiosity that drives me to help my clients; I like to think I do what I do today because of Grandma and Grandpa Maxwell.

The lessons of living below your means, only spending what you have, and helping others whenever you can are somehow lost in today’s fast paced environment. It’s too bad. We could all learn from each other to create a better world for ourselves and our children.

That’s why I give my clients and colleagues the attention they deserve especially when it comes to managing their investments. Money shouldn’t be challenging. It should be fun and create the life you desire, even if you’re building your house one room at a time.

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