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Divorce Information Checklist

It Pays To Be Prepared When Divorce Becomes Inevitable

Divorce is a Difficult Process

Being prepared for it is VITAL

The Divorce Checklist Helps People To:

  • Ensure they have the items needed in order to move successfully through their divorce.
  • Be proactive in their role through their divorce. Don't let others control the process.
  • Locate and review documents before they are required.



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Download the Divorce Checklist TODAY! It contains valuable take-aways on items that NEED to be considered and be prepared with in order to get through divorce financially secure.


During a divorce it is important to be proactive in ensuring you are doing all you can to protect what's yours, so you can confidently move towards the next chapter of your life!

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Divorces in the US each year


The percentage that a woman's standard of living decreases after divorce


Percentage of women who initiate divorce


Percentage of Households headed by women, that live in poverty after divorce