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Be Ready - In Case Of Emergency

Have you been put in the situation where you had to make difficult medical decisions for a friend or family member?  Been asked what medications they were on or what allergies they had, when they weren’t able to?  Would you want someone you love to be put in the position of answering those questions or making tough decisions for you, without knowing the answers?  In April, my best friend was put in that situation, when her ex-husband and mother had life-altering strokes 4 days apart.   Neither had any documents in place, or information organized to help her make the tough decisions she was forced to make.  From powers of attorney to access to their apartments and bank accounts, she had to do everything the hard way.  It was just not necessary.  Some simple estate planning and organizational techniques could have saved her weeks of heartache and red tape and allowed her to focus on their health, rather than their personal affairs.

Come to this Private Client event, Be Ready - In Case Of Emergency, where you’ll learn about the ICE Key and the Family Love Letter, and how to be prepared for a medical or financial emergency.  Bring a friend and be entered into a drawing for a FREE financial Power of Attorney at Cholewka Law!  

September 26, 2018 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm

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