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Prepare Your Kids for the Financial Jungle with FamZoo

Famzoo prepaid cards are a convenient and educational MasterCard reloadable card offering designed specifically for families.  Linked together and accessed online through FamZoo's award-winning family finance software, the cards are used collaboratively to share funds between family members and develop  financial responsibility.

FamZoo is the easiest way to get money to your kids without spoiling them.

Family Financial Management with FamZooFamZoo is perfect for:

  • Teaching kids financial responsibility
  • Keeping kids (and parents) on budget
  • Tracking chores and odd jobs
  • Managing allowances
  • Teaching the power of compound interest
  • Encouraging charitable giving
  • Letting your child spend safely
  • All ages, preschool through college

How FamZoo Cards Work

FamZoo Family Financial Management - Arizona

Brought to You By Heritage Financial Strategies

We're offering FamZoo to clients of Heritage Financial Strategies free of charge. Just click on one of the registration buttons below to get started.

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Store real money on multiple prepaid cards linked together. Track IOUs for money you're holding elsewhere for your kids.
  • No risk of debt, overdraft or hidden fees
  • Free card load and ATM options
  • Order immediately online. No credit check.
  • Empower kids of all ages.
  • Retain parental visibility and control.
  • Move money instantly to family members.
  • Automatically track purchases.
  • For kids not quite ready for cards
  • Unlimited members
  • Unlimited accounts
  • Add cards anytime


How Prepaid Card Accounts Work


How IOU Accounts Work

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Check our FamZoo's Frequently Asked Questions

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FamZoo is not a product of Cambridge or Heritage Financial Strategies and that an independent agreement is being offered separately through an unaffiliated entity, Four Corners Bank.  All transactions and communication, including but not limited to funding the card and filling out any necessary paperwork, is performed by the cardholder, sent directly to Four Corners Bank, and does not involve Cambridge or any of its representatives or employees.  By signing up, I agree to all terms and conditions outlined by the bank, and agree to indemnify Cambridge and its representatives and employees from any claims, liabilities, or damages.  Cambridge is not being compensated for this service.