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Financial Goals Planning Phoenix, AZ
Step 1

Initial Consultation

In this meeting we ask you to communicate your financial goals and investing history, as well as a bit about where you currently are with regard to your finances. Additionally, we share our “Philosophy of Money” and explain the business model of Heritage Financial Strategies with respect to serving our clients.

Financial Goals Planning - Initial Consultation

Step 2

Data Review Phone Call

Approximately two to three weeks after receipt of the requested documents, and after we have had a chance to input your data, a conference call will be scheduled with the members of your team to discuss the items you have provided and verify data.

Financial Goals Planning - Data Review Phone Call

Step 3

Heritage Tracing Conversation™

This is the cornerstone to our process. It is an in-depth conversation to discuss areas of concern that have the potential to interrupt the achievement of financial goals—for example, unforeseen responsibility of a family member.

Financial Goals Planning - Heritage Tracing Conversation™

Step 4

Investment Collaboration Meeting

This meeting is an opportunity to work with your advisor and navigate through the wide variety of investment vehicles we have access to and participate in the design of your financial plan.

Financial Goals Planning - Investment Collaboration Meeting

Step 5

Plan Presentation Meeting

Utilizing the information gathered in the planning call and the Heritage Tracing Conversation, a meeting is scheduled where we presents your fully-customized financial plan. Included in the plan presentation

Financial Goals Planning - Plan Presentation Meeting

Step 6

Let’s Get Organized! Meeting

A member of your Service Select Team will work with you to organize all of your documents and statements by using the annual planning binder we provide all Platinum Partners.

Financial Goals Planning - Let’s Get Organized! Meeting

Step 7

Estate Plan Design Meeting

If you have an estate plan, we’ll review the findings of our review. If we feel it’s more appropriate, we’ll refer to an attorney for a more-indepth conversation.

Financial Goals Planning - Estate Plan Design Meeting

Step 8

Family Meeting

An opportunity for your heirs to have an understanding of estate planning concepts—not actual dollar amounts—and an appreciation for the wishes detailed in your financial plan. The goal is to provide a few “rules of the road.”

Financial Goals Planning - Family Meeting

Next Steps?

Are you perhaps ready to begin the journey of detailed financial planning? If so, feel free to schedule a free and complimentary phone consultation to explore where you are and where you want to be - and that requires a map; and that map has lead you right here. We very much look forward to discussing your goals in life!

let's begin!