What is eMoney and how can I use it?

eMoney is an all-in-one financial portal that you have access to at no additional charge.  It has many tools, and some of those you we will use with you.  Some of them you're invited to use on your own.  Some of these tools are:

1) Data Aggregation - see all of your financial life in one place!

2) Accounts - View all of the account we manage and even those we don't, with one click

3)  Budgeting / Spending - Link your bank accounts and make a spending plan or budget and monitor your progress towards your spending goals

4)  Vault - Store all of your important documents, including account statements and tax forms. 

5)  Goals - Set up and monitor your progress towards financial goals and milestones. 


If you can't remember your password, you will need to enter your information and have it reset.  Use this guide to do that.