Tax Season 2019

Here are the key dates you need to know regarding tax forms

If you have a Traditional or Roth IRA and have not contributed to or taken money from it, you will not get any tax forms. 
By January 31st, 1099s will be mailed. Some may not be final as we may be waiting for data from the mutual fund or other investment company. If your 1099 says “draft” then you may use this for tax preparation, but the information could change.
By February 15th, if you get a “pending 1099” notice, that means we’re still waiting for data. They will send you a final 1099 as soon as they have the data, by March 15th.
If you have contributed to a Roth or Traditional IRA or 529 plan, your 5498 forms will be mailed by May 31st. This is necessary because they have to wait until then to capture all of the contributions through tax season.  You do not need these forms to file your taxes.  You just need to let your tax preparer know that you contributed and what amount.  If you converted any Traditional fund to Roth you will also need to let them know that.  Backdoor Roth contributions are usually not a taxable event.  Traditional IRA's converted to a ROTH IRA usually are, so they will need to complete a form 8606 to report those. 
You have until April 13th to request ACH transfers to contribute to our IRA's and 401K's we manage for them to count for 2019.  You can drop a check off by 5:00 pm on April 14th for it to count.