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Market volatility can be hard. We are paying attention and we are here to help.

We also know that sometimes the best way to stay calm is to tune out the chatter. Because of that we don’t want to flood your email with updates during volatility but want you to have the information you want, when you want and need it the most. That’s where this page comes in. Please use it for reference, and know that when we have good, relevant information we will post it here.  To schedule a call to talk about what all of this means for you, click HERE.  

Coronavirus, the markets and more

March 16, 2020 BY Shanna Tingom

If you've been paying any attention to the news the last few days, they've been reporting a play-by-play of the market movement, the spread of the coronavirus, and more.  But - should you care what..

And, if you've logged in over the last few days to see how your investments are doing, you may have noticed your investment accounts looking a little strange.  On Monday, we started a major upgrade of eMoney, the technology that we use for your portals.  MOST of the issues have been resolved, but some account are still appearing twice.  We will be resolving these issues on our end over the next few days.  If you have the website book marked, you should change that bookmark to THIS one.  This link will also reside on our client website, which also includes helpful support articles, and the ability to chat with us and schedule appointments, AND MORE!    Remember the password is HFS2020.