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How cornoavirus is affecting how we operate

Posted by Shanna Tingom, AAMS® on 3/16/20 1:14 PM

I’m sure your inbox is flooded with these types of communications right now, and because the President officially declared a national emergency on Friday, and we feel the need to keep you informed as well. We are taking precautions, making business modifications, and have business continuity plans in place to make sure you remain safe, healthy and served by us. 

Market Information

We have added a page to our website specifically for COVID-19 and market updates.  We want you to be as proactive as you can, so the most current market data will be posted HERE. Your password to access this page is HFS2020.  You can subscribe to this page if you want the updates sent to you as soon as they are posted. We will send periodic email communications as necessary and encourage you to check this page for updates in the meantime.

Business Modifications

We offer virtual and phone meetings for all clients.  You do not need to come to our office, even if you live just around the corner. If you have an in-person appointment and would like to change that appointment to a virtual one, reach out to Danielle at danielle@heritagefinancialaz.com.

That being said, our offices will continue to be open by appointment during regular hours (Monday-Friday, 9-5). We will continue to hold appointments in our offices and are taking the following precautions:

  • Wiping down doorknobs and other frequently touched surfaces with antibacterial wipes multiple times each day
  • Offering tea/coffee in disposable cups only
  • Having anti-bacterial hand soap and hand sanitizer available and diffusing a purifying essential oil blend throughout the office
  • We will not be shaking hands or making physical contact in any way with people that come into our office. This honestly will be the most difficult part of these modifications for us, and we appreciate your understanding. 

Lastly, we have decided to postpone our 5th anniversary party on April 17th.  We have hope that the virus will be contained by that time due to all of the changes our nation is currently making. Even so, to keep everyone as safe as possible, we thought it necessary to cancel this event for the time being.  We will notify you when we have secured a new date. The party will go on! 

Business Continuity

We can work 100% virtually and will move in that direction if Arizona experiences a dramatic increase in diagnosed cases.  If any members of our family or anyone we have come in contact with are diagnosed with COVD-19, we will take every precaution and self-quarantine as necessary. 

We have redundant staff in multiple locations throughout Arizona and the country should one of us be diagnosed.  Shanna, Greg and Nestor are able to assist with investment management if the need arises, and Amy Walls of Thimbleberry Financial can help with Financial Planning and other business continuity issues if need be.  In addition, our broker-dealer, Cambridge Investment Research, Inc. in Iowa is fully staffed to assist, if for any reason, we are unable to. 

We know this can be a scary time for you and your families, and it has certainly made for a tumultuous market.  Know that we are watching and evaluating your investments and the market multiple times each day.