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Take Control Of YOUR Financial Future

Women's E-book

Secure Retirement

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Setting Financial Goals

Learn the importance, as a woman, of setting financial goals. Establishing goals. Thinking about your life expectancy vs income and savings (Social Security, 401K, IRA, Stocks/Bonds). What are the best choices? What can you do to boost benefits and savings? 


Preparing for Healthcare

Our health becomes more fragile as we age. That can lead to unforseen expenses. The government offers medicare, but what does medicare mean to you? There are different plan options, do you know what they cover? Do you need supplmental insurance? 


Emergency Expenses

Fixed Income. When you retire, like no other time in your life, you have to adjust to a permanently fixed income. You are also dealing with unforseen expenses during this stage of life (medical care, home/auto repairs, funerals, assisted living care). Have you put aside the funds necessary to cover this?