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Will Your Retirement Income Be Enough?

June 8, 2021 BY Shanna Tingom, AAMS®

If you are concerned about having sufficient financial resources after you retire, read on. We will discuss how to ensure a comfortable life during this phase of life. 

Future Expenses: How Much..

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I Am Over 50, What Should I Do To Plan For Retirement?

June 1, 2021 BY Shanna Tingom, AAMS®

Your 50th birthday is a big milestone in your life, and once youre past it, you need to ramp up your retirement planning. Hopefully, youve been doing at least some saving and building up a nest..

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What does retirement look like in 2021?

May 25, 2021 BY Shanna Tingom, AAMS®

Whether you planned to retire in 2021 or are heading into retirement due to other pressures, there are steps that you can take before you leave your full-time job. For example, you may need to decide..

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Are You Ready For 7 Saturdays In Retirement? You Spend More In Retirement.

May 18, 2021 BY Shanna Tingom, AAMS®

One of the most significant problems with most peoples retirement plans is that they do not account for changes in spending levels over the years. Most people with an intelligent plan will take into..

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