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Speaking and Workshops By Shanna Tingom

Today, many people are making bad financial decisions because they don’t have the right information. Because they don’t know who to trust. Which isn’t surprising given that every one of us was personally affected by the global financial crisis of 2008, or watched their parents’ lives change in the aftermath. But the solution is simple. Save more. Spend less.

Women's financial planning in divorce advisor, Shanna Tingom

Though simple, it’s certainly not easy. And left to our own devices, most of don’t do things that are difficult. But with the right guidance, coaching and knowledge, the good news is that ALL OF US can take small steps today that can have a dramatic effect on our future, on WHEN they can retire and what that retirement looks like when we do. If you want your attendees to have better financial information and to feel more confident about the steps they need to take to prepare themselves for the future they desire. Then this presentation is what you’ve been looking for! In this presentation your participants will learn:

  1. The three small things they can start doing TODAY to make for a brighter tomorrow
  2. How to give themselves a raise...immediately!
  3. What they need to know about their investments to stop the “market panic”.

Upcoming Events & Workshops

Shanna has extensive experience providing a wide range of financial services to small business owners, women, individuals and couples, and members of the LGBTQ community. Shanna knows how to explain complicated financial matters in clear language that anyone can understand. It may seem hard to believe, but Shanna can actually make learning about financial planning interesting—even fun.

A veteran of the financial services industry, Shanna was 19 years old when a meeting with a financial advisor revealed her purpose and passion. The advisor dismissively reached across the desk, patted her on the head, and said, “Don’t worry sweetheart. Your husband will take care of this money stuff for you someday.” Since then, Shanna has built a career out of helping others take charge of their financial future.


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