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Case Studies for Financial Goals

Saving for College or Retirement

Tom and Lila

Throughout his career Tom had retirement on his mind. It’s not that he disliked his work as the principal of a local charter school. It was more about having a lifestyle and security for his family. He began saving when he was just 24 years old as part of his employers 403(b) plan. Twenty years of consistent monthly savings and professional financial management... [Read More]

Retired or Near Retirement

Joanne and Robert

Robert was promoted several times and they were able to purchase a home. They settled in to life with two kids under the age of five. It was a crazy time in their lives. From a financial perspective, they thought they were doing well. They counted on their home value as part of a retirement plan and purchased health and life insurance through Robert’s employer... [Read More]

Small Business Owners


As a small business owner, Jessica is wondering how she will ever be able to retire and who will take care of her as she ages. She doesn’t have children and doesn’t want to return to corporate America just for the healthcare and retirement plans. She needs a sound financial plan from a trusted professional who understands her needs and financial goals... [Read More]

Getting a Divorce


Life doesn’t always work out how we planned. You get married, raise a family, and realize your marriage isn’t what you thought it would be. Divorce happens. Too often women are left not understanding how to handle their finances and investments post-divorce. A financial professional can help... [Read More]




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