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2019 Catch Up Contributions

November 4, 2019 BY Shanna Tingom

The IRS does a good job of providing the country’s elder statesmen with ways to save for retirement. Some of the most popular investment vehicles the IRS provides access to for the benefit of US..

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Avoid Required Minimum Distribution Mistakes

October 29, 2019 BY Shanna Tingom

Avoid Required Minimum Distribution Mistakes If you’re approaching retirement or already retired, you may have a traditional IRA, SIMPLE IRA, or SEP.   If you do, at a specific age you must take a..

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Protect Retirement Savings Against Long Term Care Needs

October 21, 2019 BY Shanna Tingom

Unfortunately, it’s a very real possibility that you or someone you love may need long term care at some point. Your retirement savings may have to go toward that care, but you will want to ensure..

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Medicare Open Enrollment 

October 15, 2019 BY Shanna Tingom

It’s that time of year again for Medicare’s Open Enrollment!  Are you ready? 

If you are new to Medicare then it’s important to know that Open Enrollment occurring in the Fall is only designated for..

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