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You Still Have Time For Retirement Resolutions

January 19, 2021 BY Shanna Tingom, AAMS®

A few weeks into a New Year and many think about various aspects of their lives. One of the primary areas that is commonly reviewed is personal finance. If you are thinking about retiring within the..

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Adding Stepchildren to Your Estate Plan

January 12, 2021 BY Shanna Tingom, AAMS®

As we look ahead to a new year, we think of our goals and priorities. Some of these goals can involve getting an Estate Plan together. If you want to leave part of your estate to your stepchildren,..

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Could Your Retirement Be Delayed?

January 5, 2021 BY Shanna Tingom, AAMS®

As we watch 2020 in the rearview mirror, we look ahead with the scars from the year. And while many people spend years dreaming about the day they will retire, for some, this vision may not become a..

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Your New Year’s Retirement Resolutions

December 29, 2020 BY Shanna Tingom, AAMS®

As we head into 2021, it is a good idea to consider the resolutions you might be planning. You might want to do things like exercise more often or drink more water. However, you ought to also..

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