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What's a 529 College Savings Plan?

August 1, 2018 BY Shanna Tingom, AAMS®

Paying for college tuition is difficult to impossible. Finding ways to finance post-secondary education takes time and patience. One way students and families are paying for qualified expenses is by..

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Saving for College begins with a 529 College Tuition Savings Plan

May 30, 2017 BY Shanna Tingom, AAMS®

If there was one hot button in last year’s election, it was how the average American family can afford to pay for college. For many, it is difficult to impossible, taking time and patience to find..

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Don’t Let College Debt Drag You Down

April 17, 2017 BY Jackie Waters

As you prepare to graduate college and embark on the journey into the real world, you may still have a lot to learn about managing finances. Preparing and maintaining your finances can be a real..

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Find Out If You Are Prepared For Retirement