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Meet Our Team

Professional, friendly and ready to help

At Heritage Financial Strategies, we all love what we do and take great pride in impacting the lives of our clients. We have a motto in our office: We work hard, and we play hard. We strive for balance in our lives. We all have stuff that we love to do outside the office. From biking to scuba diving and skiing, we’d love for you to get to know us better. Take a look below to get to know what we do, both when we’re in the office and at play!

Meet Our Team

    Meet Our Team
  • Shanna Tingom
  • Eric Tingom
  • Karen Garcia
  • Shawna Larsh
  • Peg Reed
  • Alden Rowe
  • Melissa Naylor
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Shanna Tingom, AAMS®, CFDA®


Shanna Tingom is the co-founder of Heritage Financial Strategies. She has more than 20 years of experience in the financial services industry and specializes in working with female entrepreneurs, business owners and leaders as well as individuals experiencing life transitions such as marriage or divorce. Her main focus is helping others take charge of their financial future.

After years of struggling to fit into the corporate mold, Shanna made the decision to become an independent advisor. She earned a bachelor’s degree in business from William Penn University and a master’s degree in organizational management from the University of Phoenix. Shanna currently holds FINRA Series 7 and 66 licenses and the Accredited Asset Management Specialist℠ and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst designations. She considers herself a life-long learner and keeps apprised of changes in the financial industry. She is currently a Candidate for CFP® certification and hopes to complete certification in 2021.

Since opening Heritage Financial Strategies, Shanna has been a regular contributor to Investopedia.com, Kiplinger’s Personal Finance online, and Born2Invest.com. She makes frequent public speaking and guest radio appearances in Phoenix and nationally as well as hosts her own podcast, “Making Money Fun” which can be found on iTunes.

Shanna Tingom, AAMS®, CFDA®

Financial Planner

Shanna may be one of only a handful of people who is SCUBA certified in a land-locked state, but she’s definitely no fish out of water. She could walk into a room full of strangers and feel right at home. Shanna loves to laugh and makes those around her comfortable from the get-go. She enjoys traveling with her husband, Eric, and spending time with her two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Oliver and Gidget. Her favorite vacation spots are Hawaii, Jamaica, and Mexico – anywhere with water.

Shanna’s parents live in Mesa. In spite of her best efforts to get them to fully retire, you can find them working part-time when they aren’t traveling. The travel bug is real for this family! Shanna has a younger brother named Marc who lives in Ohio with his wife, Kat, and their two kids, Teddy and Julia. 

When she isn’t traveling or working, Shanna, along with her husband Eric, love to try new locally-owned restaurants. A self-proclaimed foodie, Shanna loves to pair food with drinks and conversation with laughter.

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Eric Tingom

Director of Technology and Tax Strategy

Eric is a life-long entrepreneur, starting his first technology company while in college at Arizona State University, where he earned a degree in Accounting. Right out of ASU, he worked for Cooper and Lybrand, which is now Price Waterhouse Cooper (PWC) in public auditing. He has worked with private companies as well as large government agencies helping them comply with new rules and regulations and streamlining their policies and procedures. 

His past work experiences are part of the reason Eric decided to join Heritage Financial Strategies. He has played an integral part in setting up the technology, data security and integration, so that it meets all FINRA requirements. His work has been instrumental in the success of the business where employees and clients enjoy the latest technological advances.  Eric will continue to have more interactions with clients as his role expands to bring new tax and insurance services to Heritage Financial Strategies clients. 

Eric Tingom

Director of Technology and Tax Strategy

When Eric is not working with a client, he can be found enjoying his fur kids Oliver and Gidget or on his road or mountain bike - often riding more than 250 miles in a typical week! He has participated in El Tour de Tucson and the Chino Grinder.

He is a native Arizonan, growing up in Paradise Valley and loves to stretch Shanna’s travel aspirations to be more than beach. He readily admits his favorite vacation spot, hands down is Maui. Part of the reason he loves going there is that he can ride every day, before he joins Shanna on the beach. He loves riding the West Maui Loop and actually rode UP Haleakala!   

Fun fact: Eric is an Arizona native, growing up in Paradise Valley and attending ASU. He remembers when the East Valley was a dirt road outside of Phoenix and not a most-wanted place to live.

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Karen Garcia


Karen Garcia joined the Heritage Financial Strategies team in 2020 as its Director of Marketing. She loves calling Heritage clients and prospective clients and leading client communication for the business. Karen relishes her role because she enjoys meeting new people, learning about their financial needs and life stories and then connecting them with Shanna and the other Heritage advisors. This may be her first role in financial services, but Karen believes she struck gold by joining this dedicated and welcoming team. 

As a former Midwesterner, Karen experienced quite the acclimation to Phoenix when she moved here in July (of all months) of 2018 from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She made the move for both a change of scenery and to be closer to family after her employer of nearly 30 years filed for bankruptcy. Karen worked part-time jobs before meeting up with Shanna over coffee to discuss coming on board at Heritage Financial Strategies. The rest is history as Karen has become a helpful and reliable member of this energetic team.

Karen Garcia

Director or Marketing

When not scheduling clients and booking the team's calendar full of appointments, you will most likely find Karen drinking wine with her friends or, at home with her Shorkie rescue, Pablo, binging reality TV like Big Brother, Survivor or the Amazing Race, or hanging out with her niece and nephew. Or in the best of scenarios, she’s doing all three. Karen is incredibly close to her niece and nephew after having lived with them for two years and looks forward to their regular slumber parties at her house.

She’s come a long way since following in her father’s footsteps in her first career, which was in cosmetology. Her emphasis was in skincare and to this day she maintains a strict regimen of weekly facemasks and never leaves the house without makeup. She also maintains an impressive collection of shoes. For over 25 years, she worked in buying and planning for a department store and today owns more than 100 pairs. One of her email monikers is “shoegirl."

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Shawna Larsh


Shawna joined the Heritage Financial team in 2021 and serves as its Client Service Specialist. She has worked in financial services for the better part of the past decade, most recently with Cambridge Investment Research, Heritage’s broker dealer. Shawna is a problem-solver who pays attention to the details. These traits help her excel in her role managing all new account transfers and processes, fielding questions, and ensuring all associated paperwork has its I’s dotted and T’s crossed.

Joining the Heritage team was a natural next step in her career after having served in various roles at Cambridge. Shawna has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Master's in Science of Administration, FINRA Licenses 7, 66, and 24, a Yellow Belt in Six Sigma, and an RCC Corporate Coaching Certification.

Shawna also knew joining Heritage would be a good fit in part because of its positive reputation. She enjoys the team camaraderie, forward-thinking mindset, and career support and growth she has found at Heritage. 

Shawna Larsh

Client Service Specialist

Shawna is very outdoorsy. She enjoys hiking with her husband, son, and two dogs, Scout (a golden retriever) and Charlie (a mixed breed rescue). Shawna’s hardest hike to date was Effigy Mounds in McGregor, Iowa called Little Bear, Great Bear. The steep incline gave her a run for her money but the views from the bluff more than made up for the effort.

Because she’d rather be outdoors than in, you’ll also likely find her in her spare time camping with her family in their pop-up, boating, or swimming. Her favorite place to swim is in Lake Michigan. She loves dipping her toes into its beautiful, cool water throughout the summer, and even though she’s ventured to beaches up and down Michigan’s coastlines, Ludington Beach is her absolute favorite spot. 

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Peg Reed


Peg is responsible for answering the phone and handling questions, or transferring you to the person who can. She can make anyone feel at home, even in a busy office.

Peg has more than 40 years of experience working in both the public and private sector of senior services, where she ran several large senior citizen and multi-generational community centers. Peg joined Heritage Financial Strategies to put her organizational skills to good use and bring some fun into an office environment.

Peg Reed

Director of First Impressions

If you can’t tell from her picture, most of Peg’s hobbies revolve around her taking care of her family; cooking, baking or cleaning! She bakes some of her favorites that we usually benefit from in the office. Any kind of treat bar, fruit bread, or cookie, are what you’re most likely to find in the office when you come to see us. And, don’t be surprised if you mistake Peg for Shanna when you call…they sound JUST alike on the phone!

Peg and her husband, Gary, moved to Arizona from Iowa in 2009. They live in Mesa with their and have friends from Iowa in the West Valley, Carefree, and Tucson, that they love visiting. They enjoy keeping up with their son, Shanna’s Brother, Marc and his wife Kat as well as their two grandkids, Teddy and Julia, who live in Ohio. Fun fact: Though they’ve lived in Arizona for more than ten years, she still hates driving on the interstates and avoids them at all costs.

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Alden Rowe


Alden Rowe is a financial planner with Heritage Financial Strategies whose goal is to help you achieve financial peace. He believes this can be accomplished through comprehensive financial planning and careful investing. Alden understands the role of a financial advisor is to coach and educate, just as much as it is to build a plan. He is passionate about demystifying the world of investing and helping people engage with their finances on a deeper level.

He earned a Bachelor’s and Master’s of Business Administration degree from MIU, in addition to holding financial industry licenses FINRA Series 7, 66, 24, and 3. Alden worked for Heritage’s broker-dealer Cambridge Investment Research for three years before joining the Heritage team in 2020.

Alden uses his extensive knowledge and understanding to help clients get ahead and avoid costly mistakes. Whether it’s understanding the sub-account allocation in their 401k or how much they should be setting aside each month, Alden believes each financial decision should be made by his clients with intention, and he’s simply there to educate, facilitate, and make money fun!

Alden Rowe

Financial Planner

Alden is a fifth-generation financial professional; his grandfather was Dr. Suess's insurance agent. Raised by a scouting family in Iowa, Alden is an Eagle Scout who enjoys being close to nature and adventure. As a kid, his family would take camping road trips across the country. He was especially fond of the natural beauty Arizona and the rest of the Southwest has to offer. He is excited to re-visit the parks with his wife Janae and their rescue Penny. In 2021, Alden and his wife welcomed their first child, Vera. The whole team is excited about this because Vera is the first “Heritage” baby!

Alden and his wife had a small greenhouse in Iowa. While it wasn't practical to bring it 1,500 miles to Gilbert, they are looking forward to the growing seasons in Arizona's climate. An avid reader, Alden enjoys following the market news and seeing how it reacts to the ever-changing political climate. He likes to study history and philosophy books and has a soft spot for anything written by Cormac McCarthy.

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Melissa Naylor


Melissa Naylor joined the Heritage Financial Strategies team in 2021 as a paraplanner. She knows that planning and saving money can be overwhelming and stressful, so Melissa loves working with clients to explain finances in a way that makes sense and eases their concerns. In her role, she helps the advisors at Heritage create plans and effectively communicate with their clients.  

Before joining Heritage, Melissa worked at mutual fund companies as well as full-service brokerage firms. She moved around the country a lot for her husband’s job, but she’s always assisted financial advisors with their planning and account servicing needs. In addition, she previously assisted retirees who were transitioning out of their jobs and had 401(k) related questions.  

Melissa has a Bachelor’s of Science in Economics and Finance from Missouri Southern State University and has been licensed with her Series 7 and Series 66 since 2004. She’s excited to be a part of Heritage Financial Strategies because she loves working with a team of people who care about their clients and fellow employees. Melissa feels she hit the jackpot by joining Heritage.  

Melissa Naylor


Athletics play a big part in Melissa’s life outside of work. Whether she’s running with her neighborhood mom group or chaperoning one of her three kids to their next football or lacrosse game or practice, Melissa stays busy and on the go. She loves football. Melissa’s a dedicated football mom for her two sons’ teams, her husband coaches football, and if it’s the weekend, you’ll likely find a collage of NFL games on her TV.  

 She’s always had a love for sports and physical activity. Melissa previously was a personal trainer and started her strength class for women. She loved seeing women getting stronger and challenging themselves every day in a typically male-dominated sport. To this day, she still loves early morning workouts but is equally in her happy place when she’s outdoors with her husband or taking her pup to the dog park.  

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